The Kullu Hotels and Guest Houses Association, Kullu (H.P.)

Kullu-Tourism Kullu(kulu)-hotels Stay-in-Kullu
Kullu-Manali is an official website owned by the 'The Kullu Hotels & Guest Houses Association, Kullu (H.P.). The Association consists of members having Hotels, Resorts, Guest Houses and Restaurants in the Kullu Valley including Bhuntar, and Manikaran in the Parvati Valley. The units are duly registered with The Department of Tourism, Government of Himachal Pradesh. This website also contains the information provided by 'The Kullu Taxi Operators Union, Dhalpur Kullu (H.P.) regarding the taxi facilities offered by it and the rates thereof.

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The rates quoted in this website (i.e. for rent of accommodation along with facilities and prices of food and beverages as well as the taxi fares are as approved by the concerned departments of the H.P. Government. The information regarding rates / prices / taxi fares are as applicable at the time of the launch of this website which are subject to revision from time to time. Luxury tax, sales tax and service tax are charged extra as applicable. The prevailing rates and taxes at the time of booking or stay shall be applicable. Room Heaters and/or any other extra facilities are charged extra as applicable.

The objective for which the Association is established are :
To plan, promote and protect by lawful means, the interests of the Hotel Industry in Kullu and its surrounding areas;

To take up, consider and discuss issues of importance affecting the Hotel and Tourism Industry in Kullu Valley;

To communicate with Government Bodies, Industrial Associations, Chambers of Commerce and other commercial, industrial or public bodies, to concentrate on promotional measures for protection of business and commercial activities of the Industry;

To give high priority to activities designed to bring about improvement in the performance of Industry;

To apply for and obtain any rights, concessions and privileges from and to enter into any arrangements that may seem directly or indirectly conducive to the objects of this Association, with any Authorities, central, local or otherwise;

To serve the small, medium and large sectors of the Industry on a harmonious basis;

To constitute and maintain co-operation and encourage friendly feeling and unanimity among the members and others engaged in the Industry on all subjects connected with their common good;

To establish and maintain a Corpus or any other Fund with the contributions of the members and with all other moneys acquired by the Association in any other way for any of specific purposes or generally to carry out the purposes of the Association;

To utilize a part or whole of the Fund, specified above, towards capital and recurring expenditure of the Association, to make appropriate investments or to deal with the fund in any other way the Association may find it necessary;

Kullu-Tourism Kullu(kulu)-hotels Stay-in-Kullu